Beloved Together
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about us

We believe in radical self honesty, contemplation and a heart that is open and strong, as the way to a life of love. We believe that the kingdom of God is within us all, that love is abundant, present, healing and always calling us home. We are followers of Jesus, looking towards the bottom and the outside of what we usually understand, below the surface and beyond the form.

Jessica has her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Seminary and serves as the Director of Spiritual Formation at Sojourn Grace Collective, a progressive community of Jesus followers she helped to found in San Diego. Jessica brings her own experience and study together with the wisdom of teachers like Richard Rohr and Pema Chodron to her work with individuals and couples.

Mathew helped found and is currently on staff as Cultural Curator at Sojourn Grace Collective.

He has worked in leadership positions on behalf of traditionally marginalized people in multinational corporate contexts and pioneered the role of Culture and Engagement Champion for a billion dollar medical technology company. As the child of an African American man and Irish immigrant woman, Mathew’s work in the world is rooted in the reality of our connectedness across apparent boundaries. He has devoted himself to the unfolding of male consciousness and reconciliation in the midst of racial, theological and relational differences.

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you are a child of god

your relationship is for your growth

Practice radical self honesty

expect miracles

tell the truth

the kingdom is within you now

you are a co-creator

Love has no limit

Love your partner as yourself

Be who you are

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