Our Practice



You are a child of God, fully empowered to love. We want you to wake up to that gift. Now.

In our time together, we will focus on

  • The reality of your beloved and divine nature

  • The reality of your true self being the door for your deepest connection with your partner

  • Opening to a way of love that is beyond rational thinking and understanding (Also known as metanoia or the mind of Christ)

  • Opening to the fullness of love within your intimate partnership

  • Understanding what it means become intimate with your deepest wisdom

  • Becoming fully empowered in your life and using your relationship as a catalyst for growth


  • No one can be a better you

  • You will never run out of love

  • Your relationship is the great teacher

  • Everything you’re looking for is within you

  • Love will always show you the way

  • Always start with what is real for you

  • Don't believe everything you think

  • Love will heal, love will teach

  • Self-care and honesty is love

  • We love as we become love