Our Story

Homecoming 1993


We were the best of friends since the age of twelve. And when we married we assumed that life would be roses and merry-go-rounds.

But it wasn’t.

We argued. And argued some more. And found ourselves deeply entrenched in painful patterns of hurt and disconnection.

We tried couples therapy and had our fair share of individual therapy. But for us, this barely took the edge off the pain. And only for a season.

Then we hit a bottom. We couldn’t continue living “separate but together” parallel lives but we didn’t want our marriage to end. It seemed we were divinely appointed to be together but we couldn’t see how to make it work. It was devastatingly painful and it was at this crossroads that something new was born. The beginning of a journey towards ourselves, towards God, and back to one another.

Our mission became evident: give yourself to the way of Love. Let go of everything you ever thought you knew about relationship, and open up to something new. Stop doing the same thing you are doing over and over, expecting different results.

So we did. We stopped doing the same thing. We let go of everything we knew. And we studied. We read. We partnered with teachers. We were radically honest with ourselves about ourselves. We cried. We bumped our way along.

And as we did, we began to discover love again. We found the reality of Love - of God - within the core of our being. We cultivated this connection. We began to challenge the narratives in our mind about who we were, or who we weren’t and about who the other was or was not and we began to embody a greater understanding. We lived into our purpose and our empowerment as co-creators with the Divine. And we began to take radical responsibility for our individual lives and healing. We opened to love - to pouring love out from an authentic place within ourselves.

And our relationship transformed. We found deeper levels of healing than we had before experienced. We found deeper levels of connection and intimacy. We found ourselves.